Fox And Friends Guest: Carbon Based Fuels “Actually Improve” The Environment


“Oddly, the more carbon-based fuels you can introduce into the developing world...the cleaner the environment gets."

The founder of a conservative news site that fights against pollution regulations joined the hosts of Fox & Friends on Thursday morning to tell viewers that fossil fuels “actually improve the environment” and politicians on the left are blowing climate change out of proportion.

Via The Daily Beast:

Marc Morano, who founded the conservative news site on the ideals of “climate realism,” which disputes the scientific consensus on fossil fuels contributing to climate change, laughed and called Sanders “silly” for writing thatpoliticians today must “look at climate change as if it were a devastating military attack against the United States and the entire planet.”

“This is silly,” scoffed Morano, whose site is notably funded by a secretive channel called Donors Trust that backs a number of right-wing organizations that oppose environmental regulations. “We’re going to treat now carbon dioxide, a trace-essential gas… as somehow akin to the Nazi Party and a World War II initiative? Which is what they’re claiming—they want a mobilization like World War II. Here’s the bottom line: This has nothing to do with fighting an enemy.”

Further, Morano said adding more fossil fuels to the world’s energy consumption improves the environment:

“Oddly, the more carbon-based fuels you can introduce into the developing world—Africa, South America, Asia—the cleaner the environment gets. You have less people burning dung in their huts, you have less people dumping sewage into the rivers because you get infrastructure.”

“So carbon-based fuels actually improve the environment,” he continued. “And beyond that, everyone wants efficiency, but you don’t ban energy that works and mandate energy that’s not ready for prime time.”

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