Four Minneapolis Police Officers Fired Over Death Of George Floyd

Screengrab / @MayorFrey / Twitter

Sarah Shaiman

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said this decision was "the right call" in a tweet earlier today.

Four officers involved in the death of George Floyd have been terminated, according to HuffPost.

Echoing the chilling words of Eric Garner — “I can’t breath” — Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officers in an act of overt police brutality on Monday. Floyd pleaded for his life, handcuffed, as an officer kneeled on his neck until he stopped pleading with eyes closed. It was reported he died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

In a tweet posted this afternoon, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said, “This is the right call."

The city has yet to identify the officers responsible for Floyd’s death, and it remains to be seen whether or not the officers will be charged for the killing.

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“It was reported that he died at the hospital...”
He died on-scene. But only a medical doctor can say time of death.

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