Fostering Health in the Workplace Is Important, Here's Why

Kevin Gardner

Being your healthiest self starts with your fitness and diet, these are essential to being a productive worker.

The workplace is more than just where your employees come to carry out their job duties. It's a place where people spend a good portion of their lives. But unfortunately, it's not always the healthiest place for a multitude of reasons. The good news? There are so many things you can do as an employer to ensure your employees benefit from a healthier space. Keep reading for ways you can foster and encourage better habits for all by creating a better working environment.

Promote Exercise and Movement

Everyone knows that at least 30 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity most days of the week is recommended. However... not everyone is able to get that time in and it's not always from lack of commitment or interest — many people simply have a hard time finding that 30 minutes within their day. So what can you do as an employer? Try encouraging activity while also making it fun by focusing on office morale at the same time. Rolling out different exercise challenges for everyone to participate in would be a great way to bring your team together while providing a healthy focus for all, or put together an employee sports team for universally friendly sports such as softball or kickball.

Another great idea to get your employees up and out of their chairs? Consider switching over to stand up desk units. Over the last few years, this has become a popular option for employees as it promotes better circulation, improved heart health and has shown a decreased risk for conditions such as diabetes. Standing versus sitting has also been shown to increase productivity and alertness while boosting mood as well.

Recognize Effort and Reward Wellness

As an employer wanting your employees to be their healthiest, you might be wondering how to spark interest in reaching wellness goals in the workplace. Have you ever thought about a rewards program as part of the initiative? Try outfitting your employees with wearable fitness trackers or providing samples of products you feel good about promoting — better yet, utilize available offers on Gundry MD products. You could encourage the use of supplements or skincare products to suit everyone's needs, opening their eyes to new and different ways to treat their bodies well. Remember, word of mouth is a powerful thing!

Offer and Encourage Healthier Options

The employee break room is a great place to target in your quest to improve the workplace. If you typically have snacks laying around — hello, donuts — test out offering healthier options instead. A bowl of apples and oranges, packets of instant oatmeal and whole grain pretzels are all good options. Offering decaffeinated teas and sparkling water would give your employees an alternative to that mid-afternoon cup of stale coffee. And if you use vending machines, you might have noticed that healthier options are becoming more available, pushing the tried-and-true salty and sweet snacks to the back burner. Every little change will add up and your employees will be healthier for it.

Have the Air Quality Tested

When it comes to creating a healthy overall environment, there are a lot of factors that come into play. One of the biggest ones? Air quality. What's important to note about air quality is that everything from general cleanliness to moisture content have a big impact on its rating — so you'll want to make sure to cover your bases. Be on the lookout for signs of "Sick building syndrome" — including frequent headaches, respiratory issues or fatigue among your employees. Having an air quality test done will help you determine what you can do better, and everyone will be healthier and happier as a result.

As an employer, you work hard. And making sure to include the health and well-being of your employees is a big part of that. Any positive changes you make will definitely not go unnoticed.


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