Former Trump Plaza Casino In Atlantic City To Be Imploded, Mayor Says

Artivia Tahir

The former Trump Plaza in Atlantic City is set to be demolished

Plans to demolish the former Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City have been submitted, according to

  • The building is now owned by Icahn Enterprises who submitted plans to demolish the building by implosion, which was revealed by Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small in a Thursday press conference.
  • Icahn Enterprises hopes for a June 2021 completion date, but Small deemed that “not acceptable,” saying:

“That’s smack dab in the middle of our season. My administration’s goal is to get it down. By the end of the year, or late February, and time for cleanup for next summer season."

The demolition plans come after Small sought an injunction in Superior Court in Atlantic City to force its demolition, deeming it an “imminent hazard.”

  • Small had made it the goal of his administration to demolish the Plaza, calling it “the biggest eyesore in town.”
  • Fire Chief Scott Evans reported that debris and panels have fallen off the building from as high as the 34th floor.
  • According to the report, “A judge gave Icahn Enterprises 45 days to show they were planning for demolition, and those plans were dropped off this week.”
  • Trump Plaza has remained empty since its closure in 2014.
  • While it has yet to be determined what will take the place of the Plaza after its demolition, Small said he is committed to working with Icahn.

“The same energy and effort that we put into getting the structure down is the same energy and effort that we are going to work side by side with them, or if they sell the property, side by side with any developer who wants to take advantage of this center city oceanfront massive property,” Small said.

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