Former Trump Exec Barbara Res Says Michael Cohen Threatened Her Too

Former Trump executive Barbara Res said that Michael Cohen threatened her for speaking ill of Donald Trump.

Former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res said Saturday that she too had been threatened by Trump attorney Michael Cohen after criticizing Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election.

Speaking with CNN’s Brianna Keilar, Res called Cohen Trump’s “dog”:

“After I left and I came out against him, I was threatened by his dog, Michael Cohen, for some kind of a slander case. And I was threatened by his secretary, Rhona Graff -- she was going to release emails I sent, as if I cared.”

Res said she was threatened with a “pending lawsuit” or that she would be publicly embarrassed.

Though she never heard Trump threaten anyone physically himself, Res said she has seen “illegal acts” of that nature “occur with people who work for him”.

Res worked for Trump for 18 years, beginning in 1978, and eventually served as executive vice president and senior vice president of the Trump Organization.

During Trump’s campaign for president, Res shared unflattering stories of then-candidate Trump with various news outlets, telling The Daily Beast:

“He’s terribly sexist. He’s a womanizer for sure,” she said. “He hired me for a specific reason: Because I was really good. And he told me, and he believed this, that women had to work harder and be smarter and were willing to work harder than men, and that’s what he wanted, and he had a couple of women working for him… ‘Men are better than women,’ he said, ‘but a good woman is better than 10 men.’ I think he thought I would take it as a compliment, and I think it was intended as a compliment.”