Former S.S. Officer Was Life-Long Republican, Hid In U.S.

CBS Evening News/YouTube

Michael Karkoc, wanted by Poland for war crimes, contributed thousands of dollars to the Republican National Committee.

Michael Karkoc, an alleged former Nazi commander currently living in Minnesota, gave thousands of dollars to the Republican National Committee, according to the Daily Beast.

Poland requested extradition in July and is awaiting a decision from the Department of Justice.

Polish war crime prosecutors say they are "100 percent" certain that Karkoc commanded an SS company responsible for "liquidating" two Polish villages, which resulted in the killing of 40 civilians.

Andriy Karkos, Karkoc’s son, told the Daily Beast that his father has been a life-long Republican, and so his contributions are not extraordinary.

“He has a picture of Ronald and Nancy Reagan in his bedroom,” Karkos said. “I’m assuming he voted Republican [in the 2016 presidential election],” Karkos added, remarking that he sees no reason for his father to have changed his support for the GOP.