Former Republican Lawmaker Was Arrested For Raping A Disabled Teen

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Stringer was arrested 40 years ago for molesting two minors.

According to The Phoenix New Times, former Republican Arizona lawmaker David Stringer was arrested 40 years ago due to allegations that he molested two children repeatedly. One of the two children was a “mentally defective or mentally incapacitated” teenager.

When a 16 year old boy was interviewed in August 1983, he said he and another minor had sex with Stringer at least ten times in a year. Once, Stringer paid the boys $10 after molesting them.

On Wednesday Stringer resigned from the Arizona House of Representatives. He refused to cooperate with an independent investigation into is sex charges.

One of the victims said Stringer “asked if they wanted to go to his house and have some sex.” The boys then accompanied Stringer to his apartment.

“Once inside, they went to the bedroom, where [Stringer] performed fellatio on the boys and asked them to do it to him. They did perform the sex act on Mr. Stringer,” according to the arrest report.

After the initial encounter, the boys met with Stringer “at least 10 additional times.”

“He said that each time he has been asked to perform acts of fellatio and sodomy with David Stringer,” the report states. The boy also said he took a shower with Stringer, who the boy said played with his penis.

The father of one of the victims told authorities that his son was mentally disabled.

The report says that Stringer faced eight sex crime charges. Maryland prosecutors did not pursue three of the eight charges, and a plea deal was reached on the other five charges. He was ordered to seek admission to the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic and he was sentenced to five years of supervised probation.

Stringer got his case expunged in 1990.

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L'ami de Pierre
L'ami de Pierre

The morons who support this pervert do not seem to mind that he is a pedophile who targets defenseless boys as long as he is a racist redneck like themselves.

Juan Valdez
Juan Valdez

He had gay sex. That's all he did. Morality and the definitions of terms like "rape" and "disabled" have become incredibly far-reaching and totally damning in present day. So if you're talking about 1980, what he did would have seemed a lot more normal to him then than now. 40 years ago right? And public service isn't babysitting.