Former Pastor: “Christians Cannot Be Complicit In What This President Is Doing”

Screengrab / Republican Voters Against Trump / YouTube


"Christians have to resist being used to justify things that Jesus would never justify."

In a video for Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT), former Minnesota pastor Pat Kahnke blasted Evangelical Christians who continue supporting President Trump.

  • “I was an Evangelical pastor in Minnesota for 20 years,” Kahnke began, also noting that he has been active in the pro-life movement and “as a conservative Republican voter ever since Ronald Reagan” but stayed away from politics as a pastor.
  • Kahnke said he is speaking out now due to the number of Evangelical leaders supporting the president.
  • "Christians have to resist being used to justify things that Jesus would never justify,” he said. “This president is using us, and he's playing on our tribal fears in order to stay in power."
  • Though he used to defend Trump when people called him a fascist, Kahnke said that changed when the president cleared Lafayette Park of peaceful protesters to make a path for his church photo op holding a Bible.
  • Kahnke said in that moment, Trump revealed the “organizing principle”that underlies his fascism, which is “to protect white Evangelical culture.”
  • “In that moment, he revealed himself as a fascist,” the former pastor said.
  • Kahnke said he voted for neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton in 2016 but that in this election, he is voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
  • “Christians cannot be complicit in what this president is doing,” he concluded.


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