Former One American News Correspondent Emily Miller Gets Senior FDA Post

Screengrab / One America News Network / YouTube


Former reporter for right-wing network, without health expertise, gains prominent role in the FDA.

Emily Miller has been appointed as assistant commissioner for media relations at the Food and Drug Administration, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, according to Salon.

  • Miller is a gun-rights advocate, former senior correspondent for the right-wing One American News Network (OANN), and vocal with false claims about coronavirus.
  • At OANN, Miller was accused of fabricating quotes from Hillary Clinton and fueling conspiracy theories that the Obama administration used “smart gun” technology to narrow firearm access based on tracked authorizations.
  • Miller exhibits limited understanding about the underlying science and health issues of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The current FDA spokesperson, Michael Caputo, detailed his unorthodox approach to media relations: “I instruct my team to provide the outlet and point of contact, but not to bother me with the name of the scientist or doctor.”

OANN is further right than Fox News, and has gained President Trump’s support.

  • OANN often spreads significant misinformation, and has deleted old videos of Miller from the network’s website. 
  • The network delivers its content on-air and through a YouTube page. Miller’s role was to deliver video packages, mostly on television.
  • OANN is a paid service, has international reach, and posts an official White House correspondent. 

Emily Miller disregarded the norm of the FDA’s press releases not typically trumpeting Administration achievements. 

Miller wrote inaccurate information about long term health effects of COVID:

In contrast, the journal Science published an article about the lasting effects of the infection, such as increased risks of heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease. 

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