Former Inmate And Republican Felon Seeks New Congressional Run

Screengrab / Fox News / YouTube

Former Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY), who was convicted of felony tax fraud, is seeking another run for his former seat.

The Hill reports that felon and former Representative Michael Grimm (R-NY) is hoping to have a comeback in 2020. Grimm, who served under a year in prison for tax evasion, now says he will announce a bid for his old seat. The seat is currently occupied by Representative Max Rose (D-NY).

Grimm tweeted a photo of the Capitol with the caption, "As majestic as ever! Great seeing some old friends. Don’t get too comfortable, @MaxRose4NY!"

In January 2015, Grimm resigned from office soon after pleading guilty to a count of felony tax fraud. He was also made infamous for threatening to throw a journalist off a balcony.

In 2018, Grimm tried to make a comeback but was beaten by Representative Dan Donovan in the Republican Primary. Rose then beat Donovan in the general election.

Democrats criticized House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy for meeting with Grimm.

“Best of luck to GOP Leader McCarthy as he works overtime to recruit the classiest of convicted felons to run with the NRCC’s backing in 2020,” said Cole Leiter, a spokesman for the Democrats’ campaign operation.

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And the Republicans have the gonads to say Democrats are the tax and spend party! Reagan........gave this country the highest deficit we have ever had, It took a Democrat Clinton to pay if off and had money to spare when G.W.Bush took office, who blow what Clinton saved this country, and then borrows from China, Japan and other countries and nearly caused another depression, but Obama took office and cleaned up another Republicans mess. Now we have Trump, who spends, spends........believing this country''s money is his own private piggy bank. Blows it on trip after trip with his rallies to build up his ego, blow millions on his golf trips, blows money on his kids flying all over the world doing Trump's business, etc. So which party is bankrupting this country.........Republicans that is who. It's been proven......its on the record.


If any person has a criminal record.........ask Trump and the Republicans.......they will Support them or elect them for a government position. That is the one qualifications that will get you far within the GOP.