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In an article for the Kansas City Star, former U.S. Representative Tom Coleman (R-Missouri) pushed for the impeachment of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Citing the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, he wrote, “Candidate Donald Trump, along with members of his team, on multiple occasions welcomed Russian interference on his behalf during the 2016 presidential campaign.”

“While Mueller did not find sufficient evidence that Trump or his campaign had violated a criminal statute, the net effect was that the Trump campaign encouraged a foreign adversary to use and misrepresent stolen information on social media platforms to defraud U.S. voters,” the former Republican lawmaker wrote. “Because the presidency was won in this way, the president’s election victory brought forth nothing less than an illegitimate presidency.”

Moreover, he writes, Trump’s obstruction of justice throughout the course of the investigation adds to Mueller’s “strong case” against the president.

And while Mueller declined to indict Trump because he is a sitting president and doing so would go against Justice Department rules, Coleman wrote, “That policy is wrong in my opinion, and must be changed in the future when reason and rationality return to our politics.”

Coleman was sympathetic for Democrats who do not presently wish to impeach Trump. “But critical times require exceptional leadership,” he noted. “Lawmakers of both parties should not blindly follow the polls but instead follow the evidence and their conscience. Politics should not rule the day. Partisan politics is what got us to this dangerous place — so dangerous, I believe, that the survival of our democracy is at risk.”

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