Former Federal Prosecutor: Trump Is Guilty Of Mass-Murder

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"Trump's lies and denials cannot hide the obvious truth: He is a mass murderer who does not care."

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, alongside psychologist Alan D. Blotcky and psychiatry professor Seth D. Norrholm, argue that President Trump’s “lies, failures and denials during a public health crisis meet the legal standard for second-degree murder.”

  • They noted in Salon that more than “206,665 mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, [and] grandparents” in the U.S. are now gone due to COVID, with tens of thousands of American lives lost unnecessarily.
  • They made note that Trump repeatedly downplayed the scope and severity of the pandemic in public while privately acknowledging its danger and lethality.
  • “The mounting deaths due to COVID-19 are the scariest example of this president's core sadism,” they wrote.
  • “What was initially attributed to Trump's incompetence, inexperience, lack of intellectual curiosity and overall ignorance and naiveté can now be more clearly identified as something far more sinister: mass murder," the authors claimed.
  • As evidence, the trio pointed to Trump’s statement last week that the virus would "go away without the vaccine" because people would develop "herd mentality."

Trump misspoke but was clearly referring to herd immunity – a strategy that, without a vaccine working in concert, would require rampant, unfettered spread of the disease to ensure that a large enough percentage of the populace developed antibodies to the virus.

  • Absent working in concert with a vaccine, a herd immunity strategy would result in up to 3.8 million deaths, they wrote.

When he was informed that an unchecked virus spreading throughout the spring & summer months could result in 2.2M deaths, he immediately latched onto that number as a "Mendoza line" below which any degree of death was "acceptable" or a "victory."

  • This is an “exceptionally deadly” example of “Trump's penchant for taking positions that require the least amount of thought and effort and that are weak and passive,” they wrote.
  • The authors continued: “We believe that Trump's conduct satisfies the legal elements of second-degree murder, demonstrating a conscious disregard for an extreme risk of death or serious bodily injury."

Taken together, Trump's ongoing lies, failure to warn of the virus' transmissibility, failure to institute a national plan for mitigation, failure to follow public health experts, and continuing to disavow mitigation practices (e.g., holding "super-spreader" events with little mask wearing and no social distancing) comprise behaviors that meet the standard for second-degree murder.

Trump's lies and denials cannot hide the obvious truth: He is a mass murderer who does not care. At any point in the past six months, he could have changed course and followed the recommendations of public health experts. As such, nothing short of criminal culpability is acceptable.

  • Kirschner, Blotcky and Norrholm concluded:

Whether Trump ever faces legal consequences for this massive loss of American lives or not, it is an important issue to consider as we enter the presidential debate season. This is not just an indictment of Trump's enablers and followers as complicit in a crime of historic proportions. It is a national moment of sober reflection for all Americans.

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