Former Aides Say Trump Secretly Mocks His Christian Supporters

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President Trump reportedly scoffs at religious leaders in private while championing them in public, former aides say.

Former aides to President Donald Trump told The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins that in private, Trump mocks his Christian supporters and speaks of religion with cynicism and contempt.

  • While Trump has told evangelicals his administration “will never stop fighting for Americans of faith,” former aides say they’ve heard him “ridicule conservative religious leaders” and “dismiss various faith groups with cartoonish stereotypes.”
  • Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen said that in 2015, Trump seemed delighted by megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar’s “scam” to obtain a Gulfstream G650.
  • According to Cohen, Trump said Creflo Dollar was “full of shit,” adding: “They’re all hustlers.”

In Cohen’s recent memoir, Disloyal, he recounts Trump returning from his 2011 meeting with the pastors who laid hands on him and sneering, "Can you believe that bullshit?"

  • Barbara Res, a former executive at the Trump Organization, suggested the notion of Trump as religious was laughable: “I always assumed he was an atheist.”

“Whenever I see a picture of him standing in a group of pastors, all of their hands on him, I see a thought bubble [with] the words ‘What suckers,’" Mary Trump, the president’s niece, told me.

  • Cohen also said Trump frequently made fun of Sen. Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith.

[Trump] was especially vicious when he learned about the religious undergarments worn by many Latter-day Saints. "Oh my god," Cohen said. "How many times did he bring up Mitt Romney and the undergarments …"

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