Former Aide Confesses To Killing State Senator In Arkansas

Former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins (left) and her former aide Rebecca O'Donnell.Screengrab / CBS This Morning / YouTube


Rebecca O'Donnell confessed to "intentionally killing" former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins.

A former aide of Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins (R) has confessed to killing her boss, according to The Hill.

  • Rebecca O’Donnell confessed to “intentionally killing” Collins and also pleaded guilty to abuse of a corpse. She was arrested 10 days after Collins’ body was found on June 4, 2019, and sentenced to 40 years on the murder charge as well as three years for abuse of a corpse.
  • The murder occured after Collins confronted O’Donnell for stealing money from her, according to Collins’ son. He said O’Donnell “snapped” when confronted.
  • In a statement, Collins’ son said:

"The last memory of her that I have was of me making the 911 call and trying not to vomit all over at the sight and smell of my mother's body. The plea deal is not what my first choice would have been, but at least we have a guaranteed amount of time that she will be imprisoned for."

  • O’Donnell was also accused of soliciting fellow inmates to help her kill Collins’ ex-husband and make it appear like a suicide. She pleaded no contest to the two counts of soliciting capital murder.
  • The Hill reported that “Collins served as a state representative from 2011-2013 and as a state senator from 2015-2019.”

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