For Second Election In A Row, GOPer Misleads Constituents On Key Voting Deadline

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

In both 2016 and 2018, Rep. Lee Zeldin's campaign sent out mailers listing the wrong deadline for absentee ballots.

Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin’s campaign sent out a mailer urging his constituents to exercise their right to vote, but the New York congressman provided the wrong deadline for absentee ballots: it said ballots needed postmarked by Nov. 6, but the true deadline is Nov. 5.

Zeldin said the mistake was made by the printer, but coincidentally, his campaign made the same mistake during the 2016 election.

Via Newsday:

> Zeldin’s campaign said the incorrect date was a mistake and provided a statement from its printer, PDQ Print and Mail, taking responsibility. The campaign said it sent a follow-up mail piece with the correct date.


> “We absolutely want everyone to be completely aware that the date to postmark absentee ballots is November 5,” Zeldin campaign spokesman Chris Boyle said in a statement. He said age played no role in who received the mailer.

Zeldin’s Democratic opponent Perry Gershon’s campaign accused the Republican of targeting likely Democratic voters, like college students.

> “It’s a baldfaced attempt at voter suppression in Democratic areas of Suffolk County,” Tim Minton, communications director, said.


> A Zeldin campaign mailer in 2016 also listed the deadline to return absentee ballots a day late, which would disqualify the vote.

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