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Joel Osteen, the senior pastor of the 40,000-member Lakewood Church in Houston, has begun selling the “Joel Osteen Inspiration Cube,” an electronic gadget that plays daily affirmations and sermon clips, according to Christian Post.

  • The website for the device states that it retails for $39.99 and includes hundreds of daily inspirations, sermons, and affirmations.
  • A spokesperson for Lakewood Church stated that proceeds will go to supporting the missions ministry at the church:

"Lakewood Church has licensed Pastor Osteen's messages to Idea Village of New Jersey for the creation of the Inspiration Cube. The cube is a library of Joel's inspirational messages in a portable rechargeable audio device."

  • Osteen will reportedly not receive any compensation from sales of the device, which is set to be sold in stores all over the country.
  • Osteen has been accused of promoting prosperity theology in the past, a doctrine that holds that believers are entitled to the blessings of health and wealth. He has been criticized for neglecting to place much focus on the reality of sin.
  • In response to his critics, Osteen said:

“I believe God wants us to excel and be blessed so we can be a bigger blessing to others. I feel very rewarded. I wrote a book and sold millions of copies; and Victoria and I were able to help more people than we ever dreamed of. But when I hear the term prosperity gospel, I think people are sometimes saying, ‘Well, he's just asking for money.’”

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