Flynn Coordinated Russia Contacts While At Mar-A-Lago

内閣官房内閣広報室/ CC 4.0

Mike Flynn reportedly coordinated Russia contacts while at Mar-A-Lago with senior Trump officials.

According to federal prosecutors, former national security adviser Michael Flynn had contact with a senior official in President Trump's transition team at Mar-a-Lago. The discussion centered on what Flynn should say to the Russian ambassador during phone calls that would later be under investigation.

Flynn and the senior officials discussed both the recently implemented U.S. sanctions on Russia as well as the fact that they did not want Russia to escalate friction between the two nations, lawyers on special counsel Robert Mueller's team told a federal judge Friday.

Afterward, Flynn spoke by phone with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and subsequently reported back on that call to the senior transition official.

Kislyak later followed up with Flynn and affirmed that Russia would moderate its response to the sanctions, put in place by then-President Obama. Flynn communicated that exchange to other transition officials, prosecutors said.

Flynn's lies to federal investigators began when he said he did not speak with Kislyak about refraining from "escalating the situation" after then-President Obama hit Russia with sanctions.
Flynn subsequently lied about asking Kislyak to delay or defeat a related United Nations Security Council vote.

Prosecutors told Judge Rudolph Contreras that Flynn was told by the senior member of the Trump transition team to reach out to other countries to influence the U.N. vote, in an effort to delay or defeat the resolution.