According to the Tampa Bay Times, Florida State Senator Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala) has blocked the creation of a State monument to African slaves, saying he wants “to celebrate people. I don’t want to celebrate defeat.”

Baxley, a biological descendant of the Confederacy, has been known for supporting the confederate flag and memorials to confederate soldiers.

In the past, he was outraged when a memorial to union soldiers was proposed.

In regards to the monument to African slaves, Baxley claimed:

“I would rather celebrate overcoming the heartbreak of slavery. I wouldn’t want to build a memorial to child abuse. I wouldn’t want to build a memorial to sexual abuse. I have a discomfort about memorializing slavery. …I would like to take it in a more positive direction than a memorial to slavery.”

Florida State Democrats were incensed by Baxley’s comments.

Rep. Kionne McGhee a state lawmaker representing parts of Miami, Florida said:

“His verbiage — if I were to read it as is — without an immediate clarification, it is borderline racism. His statements have no place in today’s society as it relates to race relations.”

Baxley claims that his statements were misinterpreted, however, his block still stands.

It just seems in this age of multiculturalism we can celebrate everyone’s culture but mine,” Baxley said in 2007 during a similar controversy.