Florida’s Rick Scott Calls For More Prayers To End Mass Shootings

Governor Rick Scott/ Flickr/Modified

"I believe in the Second Amendment. I just wish there was no evil in the world." -Gov. Rick Scott

Asked during a press conference earlier this month for ways the country can prevent mass shootings, Florida Governor Rick Scott offered a common Republican refrain: we need more thoughts and prayers.

"The most important thing we have to do is we need more prayer, first off, rather than less," Scott said when asked if Republicans would finally take action beyond prayers. "We need to pray for all these families. Last week we had a terrorist attack in New York City, and we need to pray for when these things happen. It's horrible when these things happen. It's evil when these things happen. So whether it's the terrorist attack with a truck, whether it's somebody doing what they did in the church in the San Antonio area, I'm going to pray for them. We know it's evil. I believe in the Second Amendment. I just wish there was no evil in the world."

As Orlando Weekly mentions, Scott's use of the word "evil" connotes a supernatural or unstoppable force to such atrocities, as though the wicked cannot be thwarted by the imposition of laws.

But mass shootings do have patterns, on the type of guns used, the astronomical availability of weapons and previous dangerous behavior. Of course, we'd probably know more about these patterns if we could study them, but federal lawmakers don't seem to be giving up their 22-year ban on gun violence research for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.