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According to Newsweek, Florida state Representative and Republican Mike Hill said that God himself was behind the abortion bill he introduced this year.

He made the assertion during a Thursday visit to a Women for Responsible Legislation group in Pensacola, comparing his bill to the new Alabama abortion ban passed earlier this month.

"As plain as day, God spoke to me. He said that wasn't my bill, talking about the heartbeat detection bill that I filed. He said that wasn't my bill," Hill said. "I knew immediately what He was talking about."

Hill’s proposal, shot down before even receiving a committee hearing, called for a ban on abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, but “included exceptions for rape, incest, medical emergency, human trafficking and domestic violence,” Newsweek reports.

Hill said that the exceptions were placed by him only to improve the likelihood that it passes.

"[God] said, 'you remove those exceptions and you file it again.' And I said 'yes Lord, I will'," he told the organization. "It's coming back. It's coming back. We are going to file that bill without any exceptions, just like what we saw passed in Alabama."

Alabama’s new abortion ban passed by a large margin in both chambers of the legislature and does not provide any exemptions in cases of rape or incest.

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