Florida Once Again Breaks New Cases Record


Florida's surge in number of COVID-19 cases has continued as the state set another new case record.

Florida had 10,109 new cases of the coronavirus on Thursday breaking their daily new cases record once again. The previous record was the 9,585 new cases found on Saturday. Florida's total confirmed cases is 170,000 with 3,617 deaths.

"DeSantis has resisted calls for a statewide order requiring face coverings for people in public places. As the numbers of COVID-19 cases have risen, many counties and cities have adopted rules making face coverings mandatory", NPR reports.

DeSantis has called for the roll back of Florida's reopening by closing all bars last week. This move was done to specifically address the high numbers of young people getting infected with the virus. "To avoid encouraging large crowds, local governments in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties have ordered beaches closed through the July Fourth weekend."

"The rising numbers of coronavirus cases have raised questions about DeSantis' leadership and his close ties to President Trump, whom he consulted before allowing businesses to begin reopening." Many have accused DeSantis of prioritizing politics over public health.

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I wonder how Florida hospitals are handling things. I would suspect that the state is flush with supplies from the Fed. but that doesn't create more doctors and nurses or beds.

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