Florida Official: Slavery ‘Helped People In The Long Run’

Screengrab/Sinclair Media/YouTube

Falco-Di-Corrado wrote on Facebook “Yes [slavery] was hard. But it helped people in the long run.”

A woman in Boynton Beach, Florida has been asked to vacate her seat on the Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board following allegations that she used racial slurs at a city commission meeting.

Cindy Falco-DiCorrado has insisted she is not racist, but not helping her case are social media posts pointing to the contrary.

In one post, she agreed with Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore’s statement that the last time America was great was during slavery. Falco-Di-Corrado wrote on Facebook “Yes it was hard. But it helped people in the long run.”

Falco-Di-Corrado indicated she had misread the article and apologized for the misunderstanding:

“I am so sorry that I misconstrued in reading that because I am not a racist and I am not for slavery and I am not for people owning anybody,” Falco-Di-Corrado said.

The city does not appear to perform meaningful vetting of volunteers' views prior to their acceptance:

“We usually just ask for a resume or a curriculum vitae and see what their background looks like in terms of that. And if they seem like a person who is willing to and volunteering to help be a part of empowering and bettering the city, then we take them on board,” City Commissioner Christina Romelus said.