Florida Man Arrested Minutes After Being Released From Jail

Photo courtesy of S.t Lucie County Sheriff's Office

He was back in custody before he ever left the parking lot.

Florida man Casey Michael Lewis experienced the sweet taste of freedom for just about 15 minutes, before being promptly arrested again and taken back inside the jail, on charges of burglary, grand larceny, and possession of stolen property, local news outlet WKMG reports.

He was previously held for grand theft charges. After his initial release, Lewis began roaming the jail parking lot, attempting to steal from unlocked vehicles.

When questioned by an officer in the parking lot, Lewis said that he was “waiting for his girlfriend.” THe arresting officer said that Lewis ultimately surrendered a brown paper bag with an iPhone 7, four packs of cigarettes, a lighter, one Visa bank debit card, a Florida driver's license and $547 in cash.

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