Florida Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill Rep. Ilhan Omar

Lorie Shaull / CC-BY-4.0 / Flickr

Republicans and news sites owned by Rupert Murdoch (Fox News and the New York Post) have sought to demonize Ilhan Omar.

According to the Miami New Times, federal authorities have announced that a South Florida man was arrested for threatening to kill four Democrats.

John Kless, 49, left messages at the offices of three Democrats threatening murder. The Democrats include California Congressman Eric Swalwell, Detroit Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

In all of the messages Kless spoke of his hatred for Representative Ilhan Omar. He called her both a “towel head” and a member of the Taliban. In the message Kless left at Tlaib’s office, Kless mentioned Omar’s comments about 9/11, where she said “some people did something.” Omar made the statement to argue that all Muslims are not responsible for the actions of the few people who carried out the attacks. Omar’s critics have argued that she was mitigating the tragedy of 9/11.

"It was your Taliban bitch, the one who opened up her fucking towel-head mouth about how 'some people did it,'" Kless allegedly said in his message to Tlaib. "You know what? She's lucky she's just getting death threats, bitch. So are you. All right? You're lucky they're just threats, motherfucker, 'cause the day when the bell tolls, whore, and this country comes to a war, there will be no more threats. Your life will be on the fucking line."

Kless allegedly continued: “No one wants to fucking hear you or that other little whore. I'd like to take that bitch and throw her right off the Empire State Building, that fucking whore. Tell her to shut her fucking mouth. You fucking fuck her all the time probably. So tell her to shut the fuck up, all right? From one towel head to another. You stanking, fucking, smelly, fucking bitch. Fuck off. I wish all of you the worst. You can go fuck off in life. Fuck you, and fuck Mohammed too, you bitch fucking cunt.”

Kless also criticized Swalwell’s stance on gun control and said if Swalwell enacted gun-safety laws, he would be killed. "The day you come after our guns, motherfucker, is the day you'll be dead," Kless said, according to a federal indictment. "You're gonna die. Don't wanna do that shit, boy. You'll be [on] your deathbed, motherfucker, along with the rest of you Democrats. So if you want death, keep that shit up, motherfucker."

In reference to Booker, Kless used the N-word multiple times and called him a “monkey.”

"You're a fucking disgrace," Kless allegedly said. "We need to kill all you motherfuckers, man, every fucking one of you, man."

In two of the voicemails, Kless defended Trump. It was discovered that Kless had also previously left “profane/harassing” messages at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

"You're going to be the motherfuckers that pay," Kless allegedly told Booker. "Don't worry — you government officials will be in the graves where you belong."

Kless was charged with the federal crime of making threatening communications. The crime is punishable by up to five years of prison time.

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