Florida Lawyer Turns Heads Wearing Full Hazmat Suit To Federal Court


A lawyer in Miami arrived at a court hearing in a full hazmat suit amid coronavirus concerns.

A criminal defense attorney in Miami, Samuel J. Rabin, turned heads when he walked into court in a full hazmat suit, according to Law.com.

  • Concerned about the coronavirus outbreak in Florida, Rabin arrived at the federal courthouse in Miami for a sentence hearing in a hazmat suit.
  • While he had the option to appear at the hearing via Zoom call, he felt it was important to arrive in person so that he could confer with his client, saying:

“A sentencing is the most important stage of a person’s life that’s facing a criminal case, and I just think a lawyer has an ethical obligation to be standing there with them. Every defendant wants to talk to the judge and give his feelings, so I wanted to be there in case he had any questions or in case he wanted to talk to me before he spoke to the judge.”

  • Court security guards and marshals exclaimed “I don’t blame you, man,” as he entered the building in the suit. Rabin said he would wear the suit if returning to court again, claiming:

“The judge had no issue with me wearing it. She understood, quite frankly, and wasn’t upset about it in any way.”

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