Florida GOPer Seeks Repeal Of Gun Control Laws Passed After Parkland Shooting

"On 24 March 2018 In DC and other cities, hundreds of thousands of students and others marched to demand common sense gun control in the wake of deadly school shootings in the U.S."Mobilus In Mobili/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr

A bill filed by Rep. Mike Hill is aimed at repealing gun safety provisions enacted after the Parkland shooting.

According to New Times in Miami, Representative Mike Hill recently filed a bill intended to repeal gun safety restrictions put into action after the Parkland shooting.

Rep. Hill’s proposed bill, if signed into action, would repeal “red-flag laws,” which allow law enforcement to take away firearms from any potentially dangerous persons who may hurt themselves or others. Not only this, but the bill could repeal mandatory waiting periods for firearms that are not handguns and lower to age to purchase a rifle from 21 to 18.

Although a New Times investigation showed that the “red-flag laws” took guns from “hundreds of potentially dangerous people, including alleged domestic abusers,” Hill continues to show support for less gun safety provisions.

“While Hill's bill might seem outlandish, portions of it could pass: The 2018 act barely made it through the Legislature, and some lawmakers almost immediately began hinting they wanted a second crack at the gun-safety provisions.”