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Bryan Lober, an elected representative in Florida, “joked” about running over anti-Trump protesters with his car at a Trump rally in Orlando. In 2017, a White Supremacist murdered protester Heather Heyer by riding his car into a crowd of people. Lober’s “joke” evoked memories of this attack and was immediately met with outrage.

In a now-deleted Facebook thread, Lober made a series of inappropriate jokes while accusing Brevard County Democratic Party Chair Stacy Patel of fundraising to protest the upcoming Trump rally. The comments led several conservatives to joke about running over protesters, referencing the Charlottesville attack. In response to a comment saying “Word of wisdom to the protesters, Beware of Dodge Chargers!” Lober commented, “I wouldn’t recommend using a snow plow. It might look intentional,” followed by a winking emoji with its tongue out.

Lober told The Orlando Sentinel that his comments were made in a personal capacity and not in his capacity as an elected official. He also claimed that his comment was referring to an incident in Massachusetts where a snowplow driver splashed anti-Trump protesters.

So far, no action has been taken against Lober for his comments.

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