Florida Exorcist, A Democrat, Exorcised From Assembly After Praising Slavery

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State Rep. Kimberly Daniels has thanked God for slavery, ranted against witches and claimed to cure someone's cancer.

Florida State Rep. Kim Daniels, a Democrat who once thanked God for slavery, lost her primary race on Tuesday, the Friendly Atheist reported.

  • Daniels was first elected to office in 2016 when “she won her first Democratic primary against several candidates with about a third of the votes, before crushing her Republican opponent” in a very blue district.
  • In 2018, she won a tighter primary and had no Republican opponent in the general election, the publication reported.
  • But this year, Daniels “had a formidable opponent in Angie Nixon, a progressive candidate and community organizer, and Nixon won 60% of the votes.”

The Friendly Atheist also noted of Daniels, who “has been a functional Republican in the legislature,”

She has ranted against witches, pushed for “In God We Trust” signs to be placed in public schools, thanked God for slavery, claimed to cure someone’s cancer with a CD of Bible verses, tried to force schools to offer Bible classes, and skipped the first day of the legislative session last year to tape a segment for Pat Robertson‘s The 700 Club. (When asked about opposition to the bill, Daniels said the only reason people opposed it was that “people hate Christianity so much that they don’t even want people to study the Bible historically or culturally.”)

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