Flooding Leaves 10,000 Displaced In Nepal, And Bangladesh’s Capital Under Water


50 people have died and at least 30 people are missing in Nepal.

ABC News reports that heavy rains have caused flooding and landslides in Nepal. 50 people are now dead, at least 30 people are missing, and an estimated 10,000 people have been displaced.

Police and emergency workers are working to clear roads and repair phone lines. Helicopter flights have been grounded and 1,100 people have been rescued from flooded areas so far.

Other parts of Southeast Asia are suffering from bad weather as well. Almost a dozen people in Bangladesh have been killed by lightning in less than a week, as monsoons ravage the country.

40,000 people have been affected according to Water Development Board official Rabiul Islam. Many of those people’s homes have been submerged as a result of the flooding.

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