FL Principal Fired After Saying He Couldn't Confirm The Holocaust Was 'Factual'



Former high school principal William Latson told a parent that he could not confirm the Holocaust was a "factual event."

William Latson, a former principal in Boca Raton, Florida, was fired by the Palm Beach County School Board after saying last year that he could not confirm the Holocaust was a “factual, historical event.”

According to CNN, the board voted 5-2 on Wednesday to terminate Latson’s employment, slated to take effect on November 21. The district cited ethical misconduct and failure to carry out job responsibilities as “just cause” for the principal’s firing.

Latson ran into trouble after a parent emailed him in April asking how the school approaches teaching Holocaust material. The principal responded that he “can't say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a district employee."

The district said Latson has travelled to Washington, D.C., “to visit the US Holocaust Museum and learn more about the mass genocide perpetrated by the Nazi regime that took the lives of 6 million Jews in Europe.”

In a July statement, following the revelation of Latson’s email, Palm Beach County school board Chairman Frank Barbieri Jr. said in a statement: "Every generation must recognize, and learn from, the atrocities of the Holocaust's incomprehensible suffering and the enduring stain that it left on humankind.”

Latson, who became principal of the Spanish River Community High School in 2011, was counseled on his options and has until November 20 to appeal his termination, the board said.

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