FL Governor Turns Up At Briefing Wearing One Glove, Touches Face With Bare Hand



Gov. Ron DeSantis wore one glove and touched his face a few times during Wednesday's coronavirus press briefing.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis showed up to his Wednesday press briefing wearing one blue glove to hold his microphone as he and other officials delivered an update on the state’s coronavirus efforts.

While the Republican governor used his gloved hand to hold the microphone, he touched it with his un-gloved hand too — as well as the table, his papers and even his face.

Those viewing the briefing immediately questioned why DeSantis wore just one glove, and why he would be touching his face throughout the briefing with his other hand.

DeSantis’ overall response to the crisis has garnered criticism, particularly as he refused to follow the lead of New York, California and other hotspot areas where shelter-in-place orders came down in March.

DeSantis finally ordered Florida residents to shelter-in-place on April 1.


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