FL Christians Condemn Face Masks For Blocking “God’s Wonderful Breathing System”

Screengrab / Friendly Atheist / Youtube

Megan Everts

Florida Christians criticized a decision to require the wearing of face masks and argued that it was an attack on God.

Commissioners in Palm Beach County, Florida passed an ordinance on Tuesday night that required face masks in public spaces, resulting in condemnation from many Christians who argued that it was an attack on their freedom and on God, reported Friendly Atheist.

  • One woman who spoke at the meeting “[was] frightened about how the masks will block oxygen from entering our bodies,” even though this claim is not true.
  • Furthermore, she accused officials of trying to “throw God’s wonderful breathing system out the door.”
  • A second speaker said that “the masks are killing people,” that the commissioners are “obeying the Devil’s laws,” and that they should be arrested “for crimes against humanity.”

“Meanwhile, Florida has seen a record spike in COVID cases this week,” and Friendly Atheist argues that “people not wearing face masks are a large part of the problem.”

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