First Two GOP Congressmen To Endorse Trump Have Pleaded Guilty To Federal Crimes



Reps. Chris Collins (R-NY) and Duncan Hunter (R-CA) both pleaded guilty to federal crimes this fall.

The first two Republican members of Congress to endorse Donald Trump for the presidency in 2016 have now pleaded guilty to federal crimes, according to The Week.

Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), the very first GOP congressman to back Trump, pleaded guilty to insider trading charges in October and resigned his office. And on Monday, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) — the second Republican in the House to endorse the president — indicated he would plead guilty to campaign finance charges on Tuesday and hinted that he would also step down from his position.

Both Hunter and his wife, Margaret, were accused in 2018 of using campaign funds for personal expenses, including vacations, gas, groceries, school lunches and oral surgery. Hunter also allegedly used the money to fund extramarital affairs with at least five women, The Week noted.

The publication also recalled that although Trump did not have anything to do with the crimes to which the lawmakers pleaded guilty, he did complain about their indictments.

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