Firm Owned By Trump’s Longtime Bodyguard Received $225K From The RNC

President Trump's former bodyguard, Keith Schiller.Screengrab/CNN/YouTube

President Trump's former longtime bodyguard, Keith Schiller, is working on undisclosed "security needs" for the RNC.

The company of President Donald Trump’s former bodyguard, Keith Schiller, has raked in $225,000 from the Republican National for security consulting services since September 2017, when Schiller left his post as director of Oval Office operations, according to CNBC.

Schiller was originally hired by the RNC to help select a site for the 2020 convention. But once the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, was announced in July, Schiller's firm was kept on to "work on other security needs for the committee," a party official told CNBC, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

The official declined to go into detail about what the committee's security needs might be but confirmed that the work is ongoing.

CNBC said the RNC characterized Schiller’s work in a different way than it first described last year:

In February 2018, an RNC official told CNBC that the committee had hired Schiller's firm, KS Global Group, for a very specific purpose: "To provide security consultation for the RNC 2020 convention site selection process, which is currently underway."

At that time, Schiller’s company was being paid $15,000 per month for his services, which the RNC stressed was coming from a fund set aside for convention expenses and not the funds raised to help elect Republicans.

CNBC also reported that it is unclear whether Schiller or his company has any clients other than the RNC.

Pressed for more detail as to the nature of Schiller's ongoing work for the organization, an RNC official would only tell CNBC that he is "working on other security needs for the committee."

According to state records, KS Global Group was created in 2015 by an anonymous Delaware corporate agent, and it does not appear to have a website or any publicly available contact information. As of 2017, the firm was registered at a virtual office address in Boca Raton, Florida, where Schiller lives. A filing with the Florida secretary of State's office lists Schiller as the principal of the company.

If Schiller's current arrangement with the RNC continues as is through the rest of Trump's term, he could ultimately take home $585,000.

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