Signum Global Advisors is now telling its clients that the Senate will flip blue as former Vice President Joe Biden continues to dominate President Trump in the polls, according to a CNBC report.

  • Chairman Charles Meyers and senior partner Lew Lukens told their clients in a note, “As Joe Biden’s lead over Trump in national and battleground polling has widened, several Senate races have become closer. We are changing our call and now predict the Democrats will take the Senate.”

Signum’s flip suggests that firms on Wall Street and in the financial industry could start preparing for the end of Republican control, both in the White House and Senate.

  • Both Meyers and Lukens have ties to the Democratic party. However, Lukens also worked in the Bush administration. 
  • Their prediction is informed by historical trends and current polling data that is placing Biden ten points ahead of the president. 
  • They are convinced that Democrats will take some swing states with weak Republican incumbents. However, they do predict Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) will lose his seat. 

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