Federal Workers Won’t See Their First Paycheck Until January 25 At The Earliest

Due to the automated payroll process, federal workers affected by the shutdown likely won't get paid before Jan. 25.

As hundreds of senior Trump administration officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, prepare to see pay increases on January 5, the 800,000 federal workers currently going without pay due to the government shutdown will not see paychecks until at least January 25, according to CBS News.

With some 10 agencies mostly dormant since Dec. 22, that means 800,000 government employees around the U.S. face the anxiety of carrying on with their lives without a paycheck. More than half of them are still required to show up to work.

"We're getting very close to the point where people will be missing their paychecks," said Randy Erwin, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees, which represents about 110,000 federal workers.

"We had federal employees who were literally taking Christmas presents that were wrapped and ready to give, and taking them back to the store. They were hunkering down for lean times," Erwin added.

And those lean times are going to continue through the month, according to an official with AFGE, the largest federal workers’ union.

The official explained to CBS News that most of the payroll process is automated, so even if a deal had been reached by Thursday, federal workers would not see the money until late January.

The two-week pay period closes on Saturday, Jan. 5, and it would take three to five business days to get the system working again, the official said. That means it's more than likely workers won't get that paycheck until Jan. 25 or thereabouts.

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