Federal Government Cutting 9/11 Compensation Funds By 70%

Screengrab / NBC News / YouTube

According to the Orland Sentinel, those who were and have been affected by 9/11 will be compensation this year that is significantly less than years prior. The federal government recently announced that it will be cutting compensation payouts by as much as 70 percent.

“It’s pretty outrageous, especially since more and more people are coming down with a serious illness connected to 9/11. It shows that everyone is forgetting that people are still suffering from the after-effects of 9/11.” -Jeff Goldberg, an attorney representing those affected

It was reported that the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund was established four years ago and amounted to $7.3 billion. However, considering the number of people applying for the program, cuts are being made to ensure that the remaining $2 billion can be spread out until the 2020 deadline.

“(It’s) immoral to leave families without the very little compensation their loved ones earned on one of the most tragic days in American history. Cancer and other chronic, life-threatening illness are a reality for not only the firefighters and emergency response personnel, but also their families and friends. Though money doesn’t replace the victims’ lives cut short or adversely impacted by 9-11, it does help ease the tremendous burden of financial distress caused by the loss of life or the chronic injuries sustained by first responders.” -Gerard Fitzgerald, president of the United Firefighters Association

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