Federal Agents Removed Terabytes Worth Of Data From Roger Stone’s Home

Screengrab/FOX 10 Phoenix/YouTube

Federal agents confiscated “multiple hard drives containing several terabytes of information” from Roger Stone's home.

According to Talking Points, federal agents removed terabytes worth of data from Roger Stone’s home during his criminal investigation.

In possession of the government are “multiple hard drives containing several terabytes of information” relevant to Stone’s case, including “bank and financial records and the contents of numerous physical devices.”

Stone was arrested and his “physical devices” were seized following raids of Stone’ Florida home and Manhattan apartment on January 25.

The raids came after prosecutors argued that Stone posed a risk of destroying evidence. Stone is the first person in the Mueller investigation who has been subjected to a surprise predawn raid and subsequent arrest.

The filing states that the discovery materials include “search warrant applications and results” such as “Apple iCloud accounts and email accounts.”

“The communications contained in the iCloud accounts, email accounts, and physical devices span several years,” prosecutors working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller write.

The contents of the devices are being reviewed by the FBI for “potentially privileged communications.”

Stone faces charges of obstruction, lying to Congress, and witness tampering in the probe. He plead not guilty on Tuesday.