FEC: The Trump Campaign Owes The US Treasury Over $1M

Michael Vadon / CC-BY-4.0 / Flickr


A filing by the Federal Election Commission reveals that the Trump administration owes a total of $1,035,597.62.

According to the Hill, the Trump campaign owes a total of $1,035,597.52 to the Treasury Department, most of which are said to be travel expenses.

Despite the reelection committee having raised $129 million, the campaign has failed to pay over one million dollars worth of expenses and refused to respond for comments. However, the campaign’s chief operating officer commented on the amount of money raised for his 2020 reelection campaign:

“This is a true testament to President trump’s fulfillment of his promises made to the forgotten men and women of America.” -Michael Glassner, chief operating officer for the campaign

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Nathan Wadsworth
Nathan Wadsworth

The trump is the American president and known as the jolly personality in the world also with the larger bench of the security. The FEC news is about the speedypaper reviews in which the Trumps campaign about the US treasury has been launched and presented in the million of the people.

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