FBI Raids Office Of San Juan Mayor After Trump Alleges Corruption

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Federal agents turned up at Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz’s office just weeks after President Trump's accusations.

Weeks after President Donald Trump alleged corruption in San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz’s office, FBI agents conducted a raid of the municipal building as part of an investigation into the city’s purchasing practices, The Hill reported on Tuesday.

> Video posted on Twitter shows several uniformed FBI agents proceeding into the building Tuesday morning. Local journalist Luis Guardiola noted in a tweet that dozens of FBI agents were involved in the raid.


> A spokesman for the agency told news service elnuevodia.com that Tuesday's raid was related to an ongoing investigation into whether the mayor's office and other city officials had shown favoritism when the city agreed to a contract with the company BR Solutions for $4.7 million over two years.

The news service reported that Leonel Pereira O’Neill, the Puerto Rican businessman who owns BR Solutions, has contributed to the campaigns of several local politicians, including the mayor.

> "The raid helps us to confirm whether the allegations of irregularities are substantiated or not," FBI spokesman Carlos Osario told the website.


> "We are filling out a search warrant, looking for documents and evidence that can support the allegation [of favoritism]," he added.

Trump attacked Puerto Rican officials — specifically Cruz — several weeks ago for slow recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria, The Hill noted.

> "It was a total mess, it was corrupt - couldn't be worse," Trump said in an interview last month. "The storms hit and they said, 'Oh let's blame Trump for the electric, let's have Trump - let's have Trump fix the electric plant,' which takes a long time to rebuild it, which is a big deal."

Cruz said in a series of tweets that her office is cooperating fully with the investigation.

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Does anyone else see the hyprocicy of trump ordering an investigation of an antagonist when he is awash in corruption.


The first problem I see here is that it seems trump is dictating who to investigate to the FBI. They are not his personal police force, yet they seem to be targeting someone who dared to question and criticize him. Are they now the "Presidential Vindication Squad"? The second problem is that this investigation seems like a way to deflect from FEMA awarding 2 major contracts to mainland firms that were way too small, understaffed, and ill-equipped to handle the clean-up of the aftermath of a major hurricane. No one is talking about that anymore. Why is everyone normalizing his abhorrent behavior?! It's maddening!