FBI Director Warns Trump Not To Release Nunes Memo

Screengrab/H.A. Goodman/YouTube

Trump’s FBI Director warned Trump that the Nunes memo paints a false narrative that is intended to harm Robert Mueller.

According to Bloomberg News, FBI Director Christopher Wray explicitly told the White House that he is against the release of the secret Republican memo alleging abuse of power at the FBI and Department of Justice, saying that it makes use of inaccurate information and offers a false narrative.

But it would seem that Wray's thoughts on the matter have not swayed those in the White House:

The memo on actions early in the probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign is being reviewed by “our national security lawyers in the White House,” who are “slicing and dicing it,” White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said Wednesday on Fox News Radio. But he left little doubt about the outcome, saying the disputed memo will be released “pretty quick, I think, and the whole world can see it.”

President Donald Trump has up to five days from the House Intelligence Committee's Monday vote to decide if and how the memo will be made public, though most signs point to a favorable outcome for Republicans.

As President Donald Trump departed the House floor after delivering his State of the Union address, C-SPAN cameras captured Representative Jeff Duncan, a South Carolina Republican, asking the president to “release the memo.”

"Oh yeah, don’t worry, 100 percent," Trump replied, waving dismissively. "Can you imagine that? You’d be too angry."