FBI Director: Russia Seeks To Stop Biden From Winning The Election

FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies before Senate subcommittee in May 2019.Screengrab / PBS NewsHour / YouTube


FBI Director Christopher Wray said Moscow views Joe Biden as part of an anti-Russia establishment in the U.S.

FBI Director Christopher Wray warned on Thursday that Russia is seeking to disparage former Vice President Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election, largely by using social media and influence operations, according to Bloomberg.

  • The FBI chief told lawmakers during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing that Moscow is looking to denigrate the Democratic presidential nominee because it views Biden as belonging to an anti-Russia establishment in the U.S.
  • “Russia continues to try to influence our elections, primarily through what we call malign foreign influence,” Wray told lawmakers.

In prepared testimony, Wray said, “This year’s election cycle, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, provides ample opportunity for hostile foreign actors to conduct disinformation campaigns and foreign influence operations in an effort to mislead, sow discord and, ultimately, undermine confidence in our democratic institutions and values.” Bloomberg noted that Wray’s assessment is “sharply at odds with that of President Donald Trump, who still dismisses as a hoax the intelligence community’s finding that Russia worked to help him win the White House in 2016.”

  • Wray also said the FBI is “widening its aperture” heading into the November election “to confront malign foreign operations of China, Iran, and other global adversaries.”

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