Fast Food Boss Calls Millennials “Entitled” Since They Won’t Work For Free

‘Muffin Break’ (an Australian fast food chain) general manager Natalie BrennanCourtesy of 'Muffin Break'

A fast food manager called Millennials "entitled" because they wouldn't work for free.

‘Muffin Break’ (an Australian fast food chain) general manager Natalie Brennan said millennials (people born from 1981-1996) are “entitled” because they refuse to work for her for free. Now, Brennan wasn’t discussing typical fast food jobs like cashiering, but roles that are usually managerial in nature; like marketing, accounting, and finance, roles that require specialized skill and likely university education.

In an interview, Brennan said millennials have an “inflated sense of self-importance” since they don’t want to work for free. Brennan blamed her inability to find unpaid interns (or maybe a better term are ‘marks’?) due to Instagram, the social media platform. Speaking of Instagram, Brennan said the social network makes young people feel so entitled that they demand a wage or salary, something that she apparently finds rude to do.

Brennan’s comments have earned her a well-deserved backlash in her native Australia. They have also started a much needed conversation about the mistreatment of interns by predatory bosses and companies.

Here are some of the tweets that her comments have generated: