Fascists Cancel Book Burning Rally After Organizer Receives Threats

Juan Cadavid a.k.a. Johnny Benitez canceled a book burning rally of 'degenerate' literature after he received threats from 'violent socialists' according to Orange County Weekly. (photo credit: public domain)

The original advertisement for the book burning rally said:

"Time for the American people to purge their homes, State, and country of degenerate literature. This includes literature of Marxism, Communism, Bolshevism, literature with liberal, democratic tendencies / attitudes, and writings supporting the decline of Western Culture. Books on sexuality and sexual education which serves to indoctrinate the life of degeneracy, such as Cosmo and Teen Vogue should be brought to the fire as well. We will also burn the Koran, publications such as Karl Marx, and more. We must create a future without degeneracy for our children." (Orange County Weekly)

Following the release of this advertisement, the Benitez allegedly began receiving threats from 'socialists'.

Benitez soon cancelled the book burning rally. In his cancellation notice, he claimed that he never intended to burn any books even though he said that he intended to burn books.

"Public Statement regarding "Burning Degeneracy" event. I do not want to go into a long explanation at this time. The event was in no way intended to eradicate these publications, more a symbolic way of showing that we do not approve of what is being taught to our children and maybe that should have been made clearer, I do not endorse the censorship of literature or personal political views in any way. Due to credible threats of violence from the left this event will be canceled. Free speech in America is under attack and as much as I do not want to shut this event down due to strong personal convictions regarding free speech, I cannot be responsible for injury or death due to intolerance from the violent Socialists." (Orange County Weekly)

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This was real? It's one of the most disturbing articles I've read this far. Both the event announcement and the reasons for cancellation should frighten every American!