Farmers Face Serious Trump Regret As He Threatens Their Livelihoods

The farmers who backed Donald Trump in election 2016 now regret their support for him according to a report by Politico. (image credit: Youtube/Palm Beach Post)

The farmers who backed Donald Trump in election 2016 now regret their support for him according to a report by Politico.

After spending nine months indulging President Donald Trump’s desire to renegotiate NAFTA, agricultural groups representing farmers in Trump-supporting states across the heartland are now moving aggressively to save an agreement they consider crucial to their industry.

Farmers feel Trump regret for backing Trump's absurd promises.

The fearful tone now coming from many of the nation’s farm groups has only amplified as America’s agriculture sector confronts the loss of its main profit driver — foreign exports. Many are now mobilizing behind the scenes to stave off what most believe would be a disaster for American farmers.

The Trump regret is only getting worse at farmers realize Trump has no idea what he's doing.

“People are just shocked and kind of angry that the [ag] sector is not being taken very seriously or that these administration officials who prided themselves on understanding business and being business-friendly are dismissing the massive costs [of NAFTA withdrawal] at a time of low commodity prices and a really hurting ag sector,” said another agriculture industry consultant.

Mexico is seeking suppliers outside of the United States since they fear Trump will destroy NAFTA.

Mexico, meanwhile, is moving forward with its “Plan B,” which involves accelerating trade deals with other countries and establishing new buyer-seller relationships with commodity powerhouses in Latin America like Argentina and Brazil — a specter that both shocks and haunts U.S. farmers.

South American suppliers believe Trump has given them an opportunity to shake-up the market and take market share from U.S. firms.

“Obviously, South American sellers have been more aggressive in this market where in the past they might have said, ‘We can’t compete with that U.S. sourcing as vigorously as we want to,’” Sleight said. “Over the past six to eight months, yeah, you’ve seen a greater presence of South American sellers.”

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You should also mention that the only nation on earth that the US has fair and balanced trade with is Canada. Also the only country to have tariffs imposed on it so far. So much for all the bluster about China and's Canada he came after first. That seem ok to you?