Farmer Who Left GOP Over Trump’s Trade War Is Now Gunning For Jim Jordan’s Seat

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Chris Gibbs voted for President Trump in 2016 but he has since left the Republican Party and will run as an Independent.

Chris Gibbs, a 61-year-old farmer from Ohio, is one of America’s producers receiving assistance from President Donald Trump’s farmer bailout program, intended to offset the financial harm caused by his trade war with China.

What does Gibbs plan to do with his latest $11,000 check? Fund his campaign against Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, he recently told Yahoo Finance.

Gibbs voted for Trump in 2016 but said he has since walked away from the Republican Party. “The discourse that we have in the United States now between the parties, and in Washington in particular — someone had to stand up,” he said. “Somebody has to stand up and represent real people, and the only way I thought I could do that is as an independent voice.”

The farmer’s biggest gripe with Trump is the president’s tariff scheme, which Gibbs said is unnecessary and has only served to steal markets away from American farmers — markets they are unlikely to get back, he said.

“This has never, ever been about trade with China. Trade has been a secondary or tertiary issue to this administration,” Gibbs said. “This has been about intellectual property, technology transfer, artificial intelligence, and very frankly, containment of China.”

But Gibbs has other beef with Trump and the GOP as well, particularly the party’s move toward populism.

“I believe that populism is nothing more than a perennial search for a villain to slay,” he told Yahoo Finance. “And there’s always a villain somewhere to slay, but it does nothing for immigration reform. It does nothing for health care. It does nothing for prescription drugs, for trade, for infrastructure. So, the things that people really care about on a daily basis, our legislators aren’t doing it. And so I declared my independence from the Republican Party.”

As for Jordan?

“Congressman Jordan has treated legislation, treated governing like a wrestling match where he’s just making pins, getting points on the board, and then running to his favorite infotainment channel and explaining it,” Gibbs said. “That’s not legislative. Legislating, to me, is an art. It’s the art of building trust, of relationship building, of finding and building consensus, and hard work. It’s also the art of listening. God gave you two ears and one mouth, and you should probably use them in proportion.”

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