Farm Union Head: Trump ‘Doesn’t Have Skill Set Or Experience’ For China Deal

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead/Public Domain


“It takes a really long time to develop a market. It takes little time to destroy one."

President Donald Trump “does not have the skill set or the experience to fix things” with China after making a mess of trade relations between the two countries, John Hansen, president of the Nebraska Farmers Union, recently told HuffPost.

On Friday, the president said he does not need a trade deal with China worked out before the 2020 election, because America’s economy is “very strong” and “People know that we’re doing a great job. ... We’re not being affected.”

But Hansen disagrees, noting that loan delinquencies and farm bankruptcies are up in Nebraska: “It hasn’t been this bad since the early ’80s,” he said.

And he is not so sure a beneficial deal will happen; at the very least, he fears that Trump has destroyed a market that took decades to build.

Hansen said he agrees that U.S. trade with China needed to be addressed but suggested that Trump should not have walked the path alone, instead bringing in America’s allies to pressure the Chinese government.

“You can’t play the Lone Ranger,” he told HuffPost. “But what did Trump do? Instead of isolating China, the first jump out of the chute he isolates America.”

“It takes a really long time to develop a market. It takes little time to destroy one,” Hansen lamented. “It’s going to take years to rebuild — at best.”

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