'Family-Values' Republican Apologizes For Online Nude Photo

Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX)(image credit: U.S. Government / public domain)

'Family-Values' Republican Congressman has accomplished for an online nude photo that has surfaced.

Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) has apologized for a raunchy photo of him and private area currently circulating online.

Texas Congressman Joe Barton apologized Wednesday after a photo of his privates along with raunchy text circulated on social media. The 68-year-old Republican lawmaker sent the graphic photo in a text to a woman he was trying to seduce. “I want u soo bad,” the message read in part, according to a screen grab posted by an anonymous Twitter account. Barton fired off a statement insisting that he was single at the time the photo was sent. The woman who received Barton’s lewd picture told The Washington Post she didn’t share it on social media.

The Congressman warned his paramour not to share the photo of his private parts with others.

She also claims the congressman once warned her on a 2015 phone call that he would report her to the Capitol Police if she talked about their liaison.The woman said she met Barton in 2011 and the two began sharing sexually explicit materials and had two in-the-flesh sexual encounters.

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