“Family Values” Republican Accused Of Breaking Up Marriage To Have Affair With His Cousin


Dr. Joey Hensley, a Tennessee Republican state senator, has run for office since 2002 on a platform of conservative Christian values.
  1. Hensley is accused of breaking up a marriage in order to have an affair with his second cousin for whom he prescribed pain pills too and who was also his employee and patient.
  2. “Don’t say gay” bill: Hensley pushed a bill that would have banned teachers in Tennessee’s public schools from mentioning that homosexuality even exists.
  3. This session, Hensley is sponsoring a bill from the Tennessee Family Action Council that would make children created using donor sperm illegitimate
  4. Hensley was accused of hitting his ex-wife with a car. [The Intellectualist]

The Nashville Scene:

The details sound straight out of a soap opera.

A doctor and his younger nurse fall in love.

They continue their torrid affair even after his ex-wife tips off the nurse’s husband, a local politician, to the salacious goings-on.

As the divorce moves forward, discovery turns up that the nurse is not just the doctor’s employee and his lover, but his patient, with a predilection for pain pills. And, oh, she’s his second cousin, too.

But this is not General Hospital, not Grey’s Anatomy. This is the town of Hohenwald (pop. 3,703) in Lewis County, where bitter divorce proceedings have brought to light possibly unethical behavior by Dr. Joey Hensley, a Republican state senator who also happens to be a family physician — and one who has run for office since 2002 on a platform of conservative Christian values.

Hensley, 61, was subpoenaed to appear last week in Williamson County Circuit Court to testify in the divorce proceedings of Hohenwald Vice Mayor Don Barber and his wife Lori.

He refused to show up, citing legislative and medical privilege.

“I didn’t have time to do it,” Hensley said when contacted on Friday afternoon. “I had nothing to do with the court case, and any testimony I would have given wouldn’t have made any difference.”

But according to the sworn testimony of both Barbers, Hensley has been having an affair with Lori since 2014. Lori, 48, is a part-time nurse in Hensley’s medical practice in Lewis County; she is also his second cousin.

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