Family Values Lawmaker Arrested As Part Of Rural Prostitution Ring


State lawmaker Mike Maroney allegedly solicited a prostitute via text message on at least three occasions this year.

West Virginia Senator Mike Maroney turned himself into police this week after the Republican found himself caught up in a prostitution ring investigation.

According to local ABC News affiliate WCHS, Maroney’s alleged involvement was discovered when police investigating Cortnie Clark, who set up appointments via text message, found the state lawmaker’s phone number in Clark’s cell phone.

Maroney, who took office in 2016, reportedly first communicated with Clark in May 2019, at which time Clark told the lawmaker he would need to send her a photo in order to set up a date.

According to the complaint, the number belonging to Maroney responded, "I can't send pic, but I am normal and nice."

After Clark replied that she would not meet him without first receiving a photo, the number wrote, "OK, sorry, I could be a regular."

At a later time, Maroney’s number sent another text, saying, "I want to meet, If I send pic, is it a go?'” Clark replied, “Yeah.”

The solicitor sent a photo to Clark two days later, and upon comparing the picture with Maroney’s driver’s license photo, police determined they are the same individual.

Maroney and Clark messaged again on June 5, 6 and 13, according to the complaint.

The New York Post reported that Clark told police she turned to prostitution to finance her heroin use, and the complaint indicates law enforcement found "used condoms, uncapped hypodermic needles and 'an unimaginable amount' of human feces and urine" in Clark's home.

Clark told Maroney prior to one of their meetings that her house was a mess, to which the lawmaker allegedly responded that he didn't mind.

Maroney faces a misdemeanor charge of prostitution and is out on $4,500 bond.

Last year ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, Maroney tweeted: "Socialism, dismantling of Christian values and guilty until proven innocent. These components of the liberal agenda will be refuted in a big way in WV."

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Seriously?! This man goes into the home of a prostitute not knowing whether he'll make it out alive, inside a place that is completely nasty and unfit for any human being to live in to have sex with her? He'd be better off going to a gay leather bar in that case!

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